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Shot at the Dark Series



SHOT AT THE DARK started in 2008 as a way to support and empower the

Canadian music industry through live music video performances.

With over 100 self produced videos created alongside artists

from across Canada, SHOT AT THE DARK became a reputable component of

Alberta's music culture, and formed Mitchell's affinity towards

short form storytelling. 


With every location encounter with the SHOT AT THE DARK films,

the deeper questions that arise are about who lived here, who sat

in this spot, and what heart breaks were had here.

Touching on the past as much as the present, building a new narrative

within the song writing.

production company                               featuring                                   

DELUXE DESIGN GROUP                           FRANCIS CHEER

                                                              MICHAEL BERNARD FITZGERALD

director | producer                                 REUBEN AND THE DARK

BROCK DAVIS MITCHELL                          WiL

                                                              DISTANCE BULLOCK

sound mixes provided by                       SARAH MACDOUGALL

JOSH ROB GWILLIAM                              ANDY SHAUF

ZACHARY SCHULTZ                                 BOREAL SONS

                                                             JORDAN KLASSEN


                                                             MISE EN SCENE

                                                             JOCELYN ALICE

                                                             GAVIN GARDINER of WOODEN SKY

                                                             LIBRARY VOICES

                                                             THE ZOLAS

                                                             SAID THE WHALE

                                                             HANNAH GEORGAS

                                                             and MANY MORE